As of this year I would like to introduce a new form of poetry. I will keep on writing haiku style poems – it’s too much fun to leave them aside – but I will start writing« eleven » style poetry as well.

Eleven is actually a form of poetry in Dutch and Flemish. We call it « elfje », referring to our word for « fairy », but also to our word for « eleven ». A neat translation into English is not possible. I prefer the more prosaic translation into the number (eleven), because « fairy » might create the impression that this style of poetry is not about life. It is pretty much, as all poetry, about life in depth.

It’s fun to try in English as well. The form is quite simple : eleven words divided in five lines. Line one got one word, line two two words, line three consists of three words, four words in line four and only one word to conclude the poem. Sounds complicated ? I’ll give you an example:

New form
introduced in English
I write just eleven

Or you could read my eleven style poems to get an idea. Really, it’s easier than it sounds. You should try it yourself (don’t forget to refer to this page if you do).

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